Here's what past attendees of our CEO Bootcamp have said abouth our retreats:

"As a former professional athlete, many investment opportunities come across my desk promising the world. In my time with John and Chad at the align5 business retreat, I learned how to better vet deal flow while building my business acumen of entrepreneurship. I compel anyone interested in learning from align5 to dive in head first!

Spencer Paysinger Headshot

Spencer Paysinger
National Football League, New York Giants (retired)

"I participated in the first ever CEO bootcamp at the Retreat in Marathon. I was not sure what to expect but went with a few friends I knew who were business minded as well and figured we’d give it a try.

Now I credit the CEO bootcamp for lighting a fire in me that has only grown larger since then. I always knew I wanted to be involved in real estate and business in general but I wasn’t quite sure where to start and how to properly analyze opportunities that were coming across my desk on the regular basis. The intensive breakout sessions where we dove into actual companies and how to assess a business using concepts like EBITDA made me realize core concepts in business that I must understand if I want to be taken serious and excel.

Another aspect of the bootcamp I loved is whatever level you are at in business John and Chad are able to meet you there and build your knowledge. They did this by putting together real life examples for us based on our interest and drawing on concepts from books they asked us to read (my favorite was “The E-Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work And What To Do About It”).

Furthermore, it provided me an opportunity to network with peers of mine with similar career trajectory as well as tapping into Chad and John’s network. I attended bootcamp over 3 years ago now and I still keep in contact with Chad and use him as a sounding board and resource for all the business endeavors I am pursuing now.

I highly recommend attending the CEO bootcamp no matter where you are in your professional journey."

Devon Kennard Headshot

Devon Kennard
National Football League, Detroit Lions

"Attending entrepreneurial bootcamp was the experience of a lifetime. The location and service was impeccable and it truly sparked my business and entrepreneurial interests.

The lessons I learned have helped me in all capacities of my life. It has rendered me available to provide assistance to my wife as she opens here very own business venture.

Henry Hynoski Headshot

Henry Hynoski
National Football League, New York Giants (retired)